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Leading the Future of Headstones

 Amazing Headstone Features

All our products have these advantages over traditional headstones.

  • In-Expensive Memorials: Our Headstones are more affordable than regular ones, with more features and advantages.

  • Financing Available: All orders require a down payment of 25-50%, with arrangements from 6-12 monthly payments, with no additional interest.

  • Extremely Durable Material: The composite material was developed with technology from the Aviation, Boating, Building and Space Industry to withstand extreme conditions.

  • No Maintenance Required: The Headstones will stay year around beautiful, needs virtually no maintenance. Furthermore they are installed solid in the ground and will not shift or tilt ever.

  • Lightweight Composite Material: Lightweight Composite Material that is Extremely Durable, advantages like Inexpensive Shipping, and Easy Installation.

  • High-Tech Headstones: Our Memorials are made from Hi-Tech Composite Materials (Plasmacor ©), with Polyester and Granite, which allows Endless possibilities for more innovative options.

  • Quick Headstone Order Processing: We are capable of processing an order for a Headstone within 6-8 weeks, ready and deliverable.

  • Only Real Green Headstone: Worldwide the only truly green headstones, manufactured from renewable resources, and 100% recyclable.

  • Virtually No Pollution: Our manufacturing methods create very little pollution, while regular Headstone manufacturing creates a high amount of pollution like CO2 emission.

  • Renewable Resource Material: Our Headstone uses a patented material, Plasmacor © that uses 95% renewable resources, and also includes granite in powder form.

  • Remove-able Name Plate: The nameplates on our headstones removable, and there is an option for easy removal.

  • Manufactured Domestically & Local: We manufacture our products entirely domestically, and expanding locally for easy service and quality guarantee.

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