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These are the final pictures of a custom made flat marker order that was shipped to Indiana, measuring 18 inches by 28 inches with the optional raised installation, and has a custom designed uv resistant picture which is translucent with a mirror behind, designed by us. The picture is protected by an impact proof glass. The nameplates are handmade […]

This is the final product, of a custom made upright Headstone that was designed for the customer. With a tempered (impact proof) triple sealed custom handmade Stained Glass, the design is two sunflowers form a symmetric shape which looks harmonic, this project took over 250 hours of work . The nameplate is also handmade with […]

Leonard Nimoy, ‘Star Trek’s’ Spock, Dies at 83, this unbelievable one of kind person will really be missed, he was and is one of my most favorite people. He had so many talents and virtues, that it makes my heart with sorrow, my deepest prayers for his family, friends and loved ones. This article is about […]

On Valentine’s Day, people all over the world go that extra mile to show their loved ones how much they feel for having each other in their lives. This show of love doesn’t have to end when they pass away though, you can still show your everlasting love for them by giving them a glorious […]