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Common FAQ
Our Product Advantages
Our Eternity Warranty



Common FAQ:

Who will install the monument, who do I hire?

  • We can provide the installation if it is near our service areas, which we are expanding. Otherwise a regular contractor can be hired, and we would provide him instructions how install the monument.

What happens if the monument is damaged?

  • Get in contact with us, together we determine the damage, and if it is part of the eternity warranty we will repair it for free, if it is not then we will provide an estimate for the labor. In some cases we have to ship the headstone to our facility.

What is the Eternal Warranty?

  • We guarantee that the Memorial will have all the advantages that we offer for an unlimited time and a lifespan of 120 Years Minimum, and if the Memorial is damaged by any issue that has to do with the quality that we guarantee then we will repair it for free. The only real limitations of the eternity warranty are that we do not cover damages done by vandalism, acts of nature, or improper handling.

How long does a Memorial take to make?

  • We start the manufacturing process when the final draft that is accepted by the customer, we present a rendering to the customer, and keep working on the rendering until the Memorial is completely like the customer wishes. The manufacturing takes about 8-10 weeks, and we supply images of the process.

What is the Memorial made of?

  • The Memorial is made of different composite materials, part polyester mostly which makes the outside surface, and the inside is a special patented filling material called Plasmacor © which contains granite, so that the Memorial feels solid and like a stone surface, precisely made for the purpose to create an everlasting Memorial with minimum maintenance issues, and actually much longer lasting then a regular Memorial which is affected by withering, mildew, cold and more.

Where do you ship too?

  • Due to reason that the Memorials are lightweight, we are capable to ship the Memorial worldwide, the cost of shipping is much lower than a comparable Memorial , with the average weight of 350 pounds, we have a low shipping price.

Who do need to ask for permission to place a Memorial in a cemetery?

  • The cemetery caretaker is the ones who give permission to place your Memorial. You need to apply for a permission to place the Memorial. Remember, that this is not an artificial Memorial, and under regular condition if the place fits the Memorial there is no reason for denial of the permission.

Is your Memorial considered artificial stone?

  • No, we do not consider our Memorial to be artificial, because the artificial Memorials are made by mixing binding agents, like granite power and polyester resin, and pouring them into the mold and outcome is a stone like Memorial with all the disadvantages of a regular Memorial .

Why do you say that your Memorial is better than a regular one?

  • Because we have resolved the common issues of a regular Memorial by using a superior material, that has none of the disadvantages of regular stone and we tested and developed this product over many years to make sure it has the outcome that we anticipated.

Can the Memorial be damaged by gardening maintenance?

  • If the Memorial is installed according to the recommendations given by Millennium Headstones Corp, regular gardening maintenance will not affect the Memorial .



Our Product Advantages:

In-Expensive Memorials

  • Our Memorials are more affordable than regular ones, and have more features or advantages.

Financing Available

  • All orders require a down payment of 25-50%, with possible arrangements from 6-12 monthly payments for the balance, with no additional interest.

Unique Customization

  • It is important to note that the Tiffany-Style Glass Art is custom, and can be tailored to your personal design choice, also you do have the option for a designed photo picture. Other customization options are engraving colors like gold, silver, or white, and many with other choices following.

Eternity Warranty

  • All our products have an Eternity Warranty, are brand new, handmade, with high quality control and all statements about our product are guaranteed.

High Quality

  • All our products have a vigorous quality control, handmade by skilled artisan, build to satisfy the need to withstand the test of time, and all our statements about our product are guaranteed.

Extremely Durable Material

  • The Composite Material was developed with technology from the Aviation, Boating, Building and Space Industry to withstand extreme conditions.

No Maintenance Required

  • Our Memorials will stay Year around beautiful, needs virtually no maintenance. Furthermore are they installed solid in the ground and will not shift or tilt ever.

Hi-Tech Memorials

  • Memorials are made from a Hi-Tech Composite Materials, with Polyester and Granite,  which allows Endless possibilities for more innovative options.

Lightweight Composite Material

  • Lightweight Composite Material that is Extremely Durable, advantages like Inexpensive Shipping, and Easy Installation.

Quick Memorial Order Processing

  • We are capable of processing an order for a Memorial within 1-2 weeks, ready and deliverable. Maximum of 45 days guaranteed.

Manufactured Domestically & Local

  • We manufacture our products entirely domestically, and expanding locally for easy service and quality guarantee.

Virtually No Pollution

  • Our manufacturing methods create very little pollution, while regular Memorial manufacturing creates a high amount of pollution like CO2 emission.

Only Real Green Memorial

  • Our Memorials are truly Green, manufactured from renewable resources, and 100% recyclable.

Renewable Resource Material

  • Our Memorial uses a patented material, Plasmacor © that uses 95% renewable resources, and also includes granite in powder form.

Remove-able Name Plate

  • The nameplates on our Memorials removable, and there is an option for easy removal.




Our Eternity Warranty

Millennium Headstones Corp. extends a Eternity warranty to the structural components of its products.

Millennium Headstones Corp. warrants their products for the Eternity against manufacturing defects in material, workmanship and quality control. The Material has been proved to last longer than 60 years, as far back the oldest vintage boat, which was exposed also to strong UV rays and salt water,  with no change or degradation, it safe to assume that it will last for sure another 60 years, which means we guarantee a minimum of 120 years+ lifespan of our product.

Potentially as polyester grows only stronger with age that it will last forever. Many people are not aware that polyester resin is made from petroleum which is organic and similar to tree sap which becomes amber, that exists since thousand of years. And polyester is also available from plants, like Corn and Mango, although more expensive then regular polyester.

The products are warranted against damage from freezing, and frost, cracking, withering, blisters, fading, mildew, color change, peeling, and de-lamination.


The conditions of the warranty are:

Products shall have been subject to normal use and service and shall not have been misused, neglected, altered improperly set up or otherwise damaged; and, there shall be no evidence of tampering deliberate misuse or destruction, also are acts of Vandalism excluded in the warranty.


Furthermore, excluded are acts by nature:

Specifically like Hurricanes, in consideration a well done installation will be secure that the Memorial would not fall over, and also is the stained glass protected by an impact proof glass, furthermore things like earthquakes, and flooding should not affect the Memorial.

If the damages are excluded from the warranty we will charge labor and material to repair the damage, shipping is paid by the buyer, in case the warranty is granted then labor and material to repair is paid by Millennium Headstones, the shipping is paid by the buyer.


Return Policy:

Returns are not accepted after the product is delivered, and it was made according to the buyers purchase order.


Freight Damage:

Products arriving damaged in shipping is a “non-warranty issue” and claims must be made to Millennium Headstones Corp. Customer Service Department within 3 business days of receiving product. Upon authorization to return the damaged product, all returns must be made to Millennium Headstones Corp. within 30 days of delivery.


Standard Warranty:

Should a problem be experienced with a Millennium Headstones Corp. product within its given warranty period, please contact the Millennium Headstones Corp. Customer Service Department to determine the nature of the product failure and to establish an adequate solution. If a return for repair is needed, returns must be made within 30 business days of the Return Authorization (RA) given by the Customer Service Department.


Order Cancellation:

Order cancellation must be made in writing with receipt of the cancellation confirmed. Cancellation of production order which Millennium Headstones Corp. has produced or ordered raw materials may result in Millennium Headstones Corp. fully charging for materials and labor, or imposing a minimum cancellation fee of 50% up to maximum of 75% (for example, flat markers) of the purchase/sale price.



Check with your local cemetery for the opportunity to place this monument on your grave site and for any extra fees for placement, installation, inspections fees, or perpetual care fees which are not part of the purchase price of the monument.

No Millennium Headstones Corp. representative, distributor or re-seller is authorized to assume for Millennium Headstones any other obligations or liabilities in connection with the product, or alter the terms of this warranty in any way.

Millennium Headstones Corp. shall not be liable for damages, including special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the performance of a Millennium Headstones Corp. product or its use by the owner.