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Millennium Headstones – High-Tech Memorials – Unique Custom Stained Glass Designer Memorials

Hi, we are Millennium Headstones, and we will change the world with beautiful memorials. The need for a personalized memorial is very important. In fact people wait many years until they can find a memorial that suits their needs. We make it easy and affordable to give your loved ones the eternal tribute they deserve.



All our products have these advantages over traditional memorials

  • Inexpensive Memorials: Thanks to reduced manufacturing costs, our prices are more affordable than regular memorials.

  • Made in USA: Our products are entirely created in USA, which guarantees high quality and ease of service.

  • Quick Order Processing: Orders can be processed within 1-2 weeks, ready and deliverable under 45 days Guaranteed.

  • Extremely Durable Material: Made with composite materials developed by the Aviation, Boating, Building and Space Industries, it can withstand extreme conditions. Lifespan 120+ Years.

  • No Maintenance Required: Our memorials need virtually no maintenance and will stay beautiful all year round. Furthermore they are solidly installed in the ground, and will therefore not tilt or shift.

  • High-Tech: Our memorials are created using High-Tech composite materials like Plasmacor (©), together with polyester and granite which allow innovative technology designs.

  • Eco-Friendly: Worldwide the only truly environmentally friendly memorials, manufactured from renewable resources and 100% recyclable.

  • Low-Emission Manufacturing: Our manufacturing processes create very little pollution, while regular memorial manufacturing creates high amounts of CO2-emissions.

  • Removable Elements: Our memorial has removable Nameplates allows for pre-ordering and attaching later, upgrading or changes, including the Pictures, or Stained-Glass, and more.


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