Showcase Upright Headstone Silverstreak Onyx – Peacock Lovers


Custom work order for a Upright Headstone with the “optional back nameplate”, in Onyx Moonstone (Black Glitter), with a unique Peacock themed stained glass, that has a protective layer of lexan (brand of Plexiglass) which protects against vandalism, damage, and moisture. Notice some versions of the stained glass are protected by impact proof glass which is equally durable.

We also included pictures of the installation in the timeline content, see below.

Custom Work - Creation Timeline

Second Prototype the first sold Headstone

Pictures of the second prototype Headstone that was sold, with the Peacock stained glass. This h... Read more

Installation of an Upright Headstone with Pictures

Installation of an Upright Headstone with pictures. This installation was done in Immokalee in Fl... Read more