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Continued Mold building process of the “optional extension” for the Flat Marker. Repairing the Ring around the Flat-Maker Mold, damaged due to the copy process of forming the Plaq. Also needs to be sanded and filled to become an even surface, where later the Upper Extension Frame is put together. The project so far took 30 […]

Mold building process of the “optional extension” for the Flat Marker, due to a custom request. We began the extension mold by forming a “crude” version, also called a Plaq, from where the inverted mold was formed. Now beings the sanding and filling process to archive the shape needed without creating bumps, and making straight lines. […]

On Valentine’s Day, people all over the world go that extra mile to show their loved ones how much they feel for having each other in their lives. This show of love doesn’t have to end when they pass away though, you can still show your everlasting love for them by giving them a glorious […]

https://bit.ly/BeautifulMarkers – South Korean man sends a text to his dead son and gets reply. It’s nice to see such tribute towards the dead!We all can pay homage to their own loved ones in our own ways too, even if it is by giving their grave a beautiful ornamental headstone.   Dad texts teen who died […]

Humans are among the rare species that take such good care for their loved ones after they die.Mostly this is for other humans, but many people take equal care for their pets after their death. That even includes putting their remains at rest in a special burial place, with their own commemorative headstone. Fascination Persists […]