This is the final product, of a custom made upright Headstone that was designed for the customer. With a tempered (impact proof) triple sealed custom handmade Stained Glass, the design is two sunflowers form a symmetric shape which looks harmonic, this project took over 250 hours of work .

The nameplate is also handmade with partial help from a CNC machine so that the letters are actually engraved and then inlay with a different color, and not just painted.

Everything is hand-made and with precise hand craftsmanship. The headstone is filled with our patented material Plasmacor, which is made of 90% renewable resource, and has the characteristics of stone.

With 350 pounds, you can ship it easy anywhere (considered a comparable traditional headstone weights more then 5000 pounds ) .
The starting prices for such a headstone is $3000, and everything included, except for shipping.

For more info take a look at rest of our website:


Thank you for your interest.


Marco Burlet
President of Millennium Headstones Corp.


One Response to Final Pictures of Custom Headstone Sunflower
  1. :
    Can you incorporeal a stained lass panel into your headstone?
    If so how can it be protect it from the elements or vandalism?


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