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https://bit.ly/BeautifulMarkers – South Korean man sends a text to his dead son and gets reply. It’s nice to see such tribute towards the dead!We all can pay homage to their own loved ones in our own ways too, even if it is by giving their grave a beautiful ornamental headstone.   Dad texts teen who died […]

Morgue refuses body as ‘too fat”, as this happen in Australia, it is an issue everywhere, that some funeral directors simply refuse to adjust or compliment customers based on their rules with their traditional mindset, this are someone loved ones and need to be respected as such. We as a headstone company want to take […]

https://www.millenniumheadstones.com/ – Alien Creator Hans Ruedi Giger dies at 74, he was remarkable artist with a amazing vision, there is a little story to tell, that my dear father Matthias Burlet knew HR Giger when he was not famous and selling his paintings on the street corner, when my father decided out of kindness to […]

Here are a series of pictures to illustrate the process of headstones sinking into the ground, because they are heavy, the ground moves and eventually they all start tilting. The process of repairing a monument or headstone that is sinking or leaning is very expensive and can cost around $10`000 to $15`000, more then the […]