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On June 6th are we remembering D-Day when the Allied Invasion of the Normandy began, the liberation of German Occupied Western Europe, Thanks to the courage of the brave soldiers that died that day and where well in the 18,000 we regained liberty and our freedom. Whenever the world makes you cynical – stop and […]

https://www.millenniumheadstones.com/ – Alien Creator Hans Ruedi Giger dies at 74, he was remarkable artist with a amazing vision, there is a little story to tell, that my dear father Matthias Burlet knew HR Giger when he was not famous and selling his paintings on the street corner, when my father decided out of kindness to […]

Veterans Day – Remember and never forget all the fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom, and served our country.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veterans_Day   To remember this day and maybe do something nice to honor to the fallen soldiers, we will offer a discount on our headstones for 20%!, valid until November 15th, claim by mentioning, […]

Sad that such a tragedy had to happen, I believe that ever since the TSA the airlines feel so much more powerful and above everyone else, giving good customer support is not needed anymore. I know that some airlines do not cause so much trouble, in another situation the urn was allowed to be taken […]