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We have a option for that, and can certainly satisfy his needs. We develop Headstones for the future, and are working on ground breaking ideas, as well as the material we use for our Headstones is advanced, maintenance, durability, environment, customizing we got it all. Tommy Lasorda is 84 years old, battling a severe case […]

http://www.globalgreenbridge.org – Why build Green? This is good question; just talking about the environment will not answer that. This is an article about the reasons why we need to build green, and also that there are advantages for everyone. Why Green? Some of the information included is this quote. • 36% of total energy use […]

Pictures of the first Prototype Headstone that was later sold, with the Swan Themed stained glass called Elysium This headstone had a Jane Doe Nameplate that was actually engraved. The first developed headstone, including the molds for manufacturing costed an initial investment of $50-60,000, which was all founded privately.