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Humans are among the rare species that take such good care for their loved ones after they die.Mostly this is for other humans, but many people take equal care for their pets after their death. That even includes putting their remains at rest in a special burial place, with their own commemorative headstone. Fascination Persists […]

Installation of an Upright Headstone with pictures. This installation was done in Immokalee in Florida, it took two people and a total of 60 minutes to complete the permanent installation.

Veterans day, the day november 11th, that we honor the end of World War 1, 1917, considered to be the war to end all wars. This day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory. America honors its veterans.

These are the final pictures of a custom made flat marker order that was shipped to Indiana, measuring 18 inches by 28 inches with the optional raised installation, and has a custom designed uv resistant picture which is translucent with a mirror behind, designed by us. The picture is protected by an impact proof glass. The nameplates are handmade […]

  Beloved Actor Robin Williams Died in Apparent Suicide, this is really sad, he was and is one of my personal favorite actors, amazing talent, and an extreme loss. My sincere condolences and prayers to friends, loved ones, and everyone else who admired him. What a privilege it will be for whomever makes that memorial. […]

Morgue refuses body as ‘too fat”, as this happen in Australia, it is an issue everywhere, that some funeral directors simply refuse to adjust or compliment customers based on their rules with their traditional mindset, this are someone loved ones and need to be respected as such. We as a headstone company want to take […]